1. Open SEUM Recorder by clicking on Start Menu > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Synthetic End User Monitor > SEUM Recorder

2. You need to log in first. By default, log in as admin and no password, and IP just setting to localhost.

Monitor Web Transaction

3. To monitor web transaction, just put the url site that you want to monitor at the address the bar. For example, i try to monitor Yahoo site; put url and press record button to record.

4. After finish, press stop button to end the recording.

5. Then, click Save to save the recording.

6. The recorder will run the recording once again; and after finish, just click OK to continue.

7. Give the name and click Save.

8. When recording was successfully saved, click OK.

9. After that, you will be redirect to the SolarWinds web console. You need to select the playback location for the site monitoring. Then click Next to continue.

10. Click Save Monitor.

11. Done. Your site monitoring will playback every 5 minutes by default.