You are able to provide application or window specific mappings, which means an application or window can use the mouse buttons differently from another. For each profile you can optionally define up to 5 ‘layers’ of different button configurations which you can switch between using hotkeys or mouse buttons.

You can also alter the behaviour of the scroll and tilt wheel functions, fixing windows that don’t normally respond to these controls.

Profiles are automatically activated by moving the mouse over the defined window or alternatively, when the specified application is active.This has many uses, for example:

In games which do not natively support the extended mouse buttons, you can map keys to each button.
Changing the behaviour of the mouse over certain windows, such as making the mouse wheel change volume when hovering over the system tray.

Download x-Mouse Button Control

How to Install

1. Double click installer.

2. When X-Mouse Button Control box appear, click Next button.


3. Under License Agreement menu, you need to read the agreement and select I Agree button to continue.


4. Under Choose Install Location menu, just leave default and click Next button.


5. Under X-Mouse Button Control Configuration, just leave default setting and click Next.


6. Please wait while the apps is being installed.


7. After finish installed, click Finish to close the wizard.


8. You will see the small mouse icon on the taskbar. For setup the X-Mouse Button Control, just double click the icon.


9. Now you can configure the mouse button. After complete, click Apply to activate the control.


For more information about using and configuring X-Mouse Button Control, please check out the new user guide.