This is small tool that adds Attach and Detach option to contextual (aka right-click) menu of Virtual disk (vhd) files. That enables those operations to be done without trip to Disk Management console. Detach option is available on hard drive contextual menu also (if selected in options).

If so desired you can also use this program to attach various virtual disks upon system start-up. It is your choice whether this will be done in full-access or read-only mode.

Additionally program can be used as classic utility in order to see various information about virtual disk, even without attaching it.

Do notice that this program only works with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (and above). Older operating systems are not supported.

P.S. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows Server 8 you can also mount ISO images and new VHDX virtual disks.

Download Here

How to Install

1. Run the setup file.

2. On Select Destination Location screen, click Next.

install vhd 1

3. On Select Additional Tasks screen, click Next.

install vhd 2

4. On Ready to Install screen, click Install button.

install vhd 3

5. After finish, click Finish button.

install vhd 4

How to Open VHD file.

1. To open VHD file, just click on Open button.

install vhd 5

2. Choose the vhd file and then click Open button.

install vhd 6
How to Attach the VHD file.

1. To attach the VHD file, just simply click on Attach button.

install vhd 7

2. VHD file will appear as a new Drive. This drive contain all files related to the VHD file itself.

Before Attach:

after unmount

After Attach:

install vhd 8

How to Mount the VHD file into startup.

This function will automatically attach the VHD file after you reboot the physical machine.

mounted upon startup
How to Detach the VHD file.

Option 1:

You can detach the VHD file by click on Detach button; or


Option 2:

1. Right click on My Computer > Manage.

vhd detach1

2. Expand the Storage tree and select Disk Management

vhd detach2

3. Right click on VHD drive and choose Detach.

4. Click OK button to detach the VHD file.